Australian Sienna – Discovering the Outback

4 FEB TO 5 APR 2023

At Noosa Regional Gallery


How is it that Trevor, an African, has created a body of work that so effortlessly gives us access to the dramatic, nuanced, sienna soul of the Australian landscape, Australia itself? As his work has grown in popularity, so too has the number of positive critiques. Trevor doesn’t pay  much attention to them. He is not a fan of pretentious “art-speak”.


He explains his work by simply saying “It’s only bloody painting!”.



Perhaps, but it wins awards. It hangs in galleries around the country. Other artists eagerly fill his regular workshops where he happily shares the techniques he has developed over years of touring and painting Australia.

His work is, in itself, a master class on the use of the colour Australian Sienna. Used with skill, it ranges from the rich tones of Uluru, to the golden hues of a river gum glade, to the transparent glow of a high sun in the Kimberlies.

It is pretty bloody good painting.


Ron Collins, Life critic.