Throughout the year, 'Energise Your Painting' workshops are held at the picturesque Maluti Studio in Cooroy within the Noosa Hinterland and in the exhilarating landscape of the Paroo River in Queensland’s outback.

Artists often feel they most benefit if they have felt stifled by their current painting style, or would like a fresh perspective by learning new expressive techniques to take their expertise to new levels.

“Beginners leap forward with instinctive painting techniques to realise their latent potential as painters, and experienced artists develop their own unique, bolder, looser vocabulary. We will work through new processes and you’ll leave with numerous fresh and bold paintings to energise and inspire your growth.” ~ Trevor Purvis

A picture os all the artists at a Painting workshop with Trevor Purvis


Studio in Cooroy (2 Days)

These are the workshops to do if you are either frozen in your development or an absolute beginner, but you like the idea of painting fresh, exciting pictures to kick-start your totally new artistic persona. Over two full days, you will work through a process that will leave you breathless, but excited.

Maximum 6 persons

Upcoming Workshops

16-17 March 2024

19-20 March 2024

23-24 March 2024

14-15 September 2024

21-22 September 2024

24-25 September 2024

28-29 September 2024


Painting Out West (3 Days)

These are for the adventurous painters of all levels.
The results from these experiences are always exceptional as a result of the total absorption of the Paroo River and the warmth of the townspeople of Eulo in far-western Queensland. Laughter and some meals are included.

Maximum 8 persons (plus partners)

Upcoming Workshops

4-6 May 2024

9-11 May 2024

Important for all workshops is that you apply via email and I will send you all the information that you will need to know.


If you want to ‘energise’ your paintings, a workshop with Trevor Purvis is for you. From start to finish, his workshop, working with acrylics and undertaken at his studio in beautiful Cooroy, is ‘high energy’. Under his tutorage, I was able to ‘free up’ my painting style and take on a more expressive approach to the landscape. I enjoyed it so much, I have enrolled in another painting workshop with Trevor, this time in the Queensland outback. An added bonus were the home-made treats, made by Trevor’s wife Beryl, an artist in her own right.

Erica Aronsten

Fabulous workshop weekend.. informative and fun


Thanks for another great workshop..I really enjoyed it and learnt so much. Now to try and remember that knowledge and apply all your advice!


Had the best time this weekend at Trevor Purvis’s Energise Your Paintings workshop. Whilst we were supposed to be working on landscapes it’s not quite my bag but loved the result of the journey I took…still some more to do. Thank you @trevor.purvis.artist for your invaluable insights and experience.

Jo Cook @jocookartistnoosa

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